Happy New Year!

Name: Heldy
Drug of choice: alcohol
Clean date: 7/24/17
Days sober: 1 year, 5 months 8 days

I am feeling focused because the first of the year is a time for me to look forward to what I want to achieve.

What I’m working on: Seeing the basic goodness in everyone I encounter.

Meditated? YES! I missed Christmas and the day after, but past that, I am solidly like 2 months now of meditating every morning before coffee. It’s working for me.

Success? I realized this morning that 2018 was a completely sober year for me.

Challenge? I need to focus on the rest of my health.

Have you felt triggered since group? I hate the word trigger. I haven’t wanted to jump into a lake of wine in longer than I can remember. I have attended a lot of social gatherings lately and yes, the thought crossed my mind of what would it taste like again, but that was absolutely the end of that thought. It never went further, not even “playing the tape”. I’ve memorized the fucking tape. 🙂 I’ve also become quite comfortable with my excuse for not drinking, which is 100% true even if it’s not the entire story, in that alcohol triggers (that word!) migraines for me and it had become unbearable. 100% truth there.

Do you intend to harm yourself or others? No

Homework: It’s time for me to do my yearly collage so that’s what I’m setting as my homework.

Are you open to feedback? Yes



– Heldy


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