Online Help including Virtual Meetings

DBT Addiction Skills by Marsha Linehan:

Marsha Linehan has made a series of videos, each 30 minutes, that you can rent for 30 days for $13 or own for $30.

Below are live online meetings which are free:

SMART Recovery – Self Management for Addiction Recovery

This is, by far, my favorite of all the “systems”. Their online meetings aren’t pretty, but they are superb. I definitely recommend registering and clicking on the online resources for online meetings, as well as 24/7 chat if you just need to talk to someone.

In The Rooms originally only had 12 step groups. I am no fan of 12 step programs, though it was a requirement I attend 1 for my therapy. I chose the Tuesday night Agnostic group here. In the Rooms now also offers online meetings with Lifering (Tuesday mornings) and Refuge Recovery (Tuesday Evenings and Wednesday).